The REC ProTrust Warranty

While the best warranty is one that customers never need to call on, REC products are close to this utopia, boasting a very low claims rate; from more than 4 million REC panels manufactured each year, less than 400 return from the field as defective. REC’s warranty offering reflects this premium quality.

REC´s ProTrust Warranty package covers product, performance, and labor - and is exclusively offered by REC Certified Solar Professional installers. This means unprecedented savings, more economic security, and greater energy autonomy for you.

Product Warranty
Covers panel defects and promises superior quality for at least 20 years. All panels are eligible for a +5 year product warranty extension, as part of the REC ProTrust Warranty

Performance Warranty
REC´s Performance Warranty ensures that REC panels perform exactly as expected– every year for 25 years. With higher warranted power and higher annual yields, you can have greater ROI predictability.

Labor Warranty
The Labor Warranty is unique to the REC ProTrust package and gives you added protection in the unlikely event that an REC panel needs to be serviced or replaced.


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